Motion Sensor Lights




  • 【MOSTON motion activated lights】The lights will automatically turn on when movement is detected in the dark, then auto turn off after 20 secs to save battery. So no more running into furniture or stumbling in the dark. Switches “On”/”Off” are for manual turn on/off if necessary.
  • 【Super Bright: Luminance 300lm】It is also a dimmable LED light.You can maximum prolong battery life by pressing “SETUP” button for secs to stepless adjust a suitable brightness (Between 20% and 100%).The battery can last a few weeks or even a month on condition that auto light up 10 times(probably) per day in motion sensor mode.【3 Lighting Colors Adjustable】Cool White 6500K/Natural 4000K/Warm Light 3000K) per your desire.Press “SETUP” cycle button to set.
  • 【No Hardwiring & Mounting Anywhere without Tools】Perfect for the places that don’t have a power source like closets,kitchen cabinets,pantries, under counter,shelves,hallway,walkway,wardrobes,stairs,cupboard,drawers,basement,garage,storage room,and more. Use at any place you need a nightlight situation.Even great for outdoor camping or working in tent trailer perhaps.
  • 【Built-in USB Rechargeable 2500mAh Battery.No AAA Batteries.】USB charging cable is included. TIPS: BUT CHARGER IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE.Due to magnetic feature,you can fell free to remove the light from the mounting strip to recharge and then adsorb it back.This Aluminium Alloy Shell LED Homelife Light comes with MOSTON’s the best lifetime warranty.Our friendly and timely customer service address your concerns invariably.
  • 【How to Mount】Sticking the included metal mounting strip with double-sided tape under cabinet or closet(anywhere),the magnetic light can be auto absorbed on the metal strip.(But please must clean the flat surface before sticking). With built-in Magnetic feature,it can also be easy absorbed on any iron furniture,e.g outside of refrigerator,the iron shelf or in the safe. You can also take it as a hand-held light when necessary.


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